RPA Program Calendar

League Calendar 2023 - 2024 Registration Open # of Games Ages
Fall - Outdoors (early Aug - Mid Oct) August - October 8 PreK-High School
Winter I - Indoors (Nov - Dec) November - December 6

PreK-High School

Winter II - Indoors (Jan - Feb) January - February 6

PreK-High School

Winter III - Indoors (Feb - Mar) February - March 6

PreK-High School

Spring - Outdoors (April - early June) April - June 8

PreK-High School

Summer - Indoors (mid June - July) June - July 6

PreK-High School


*Supplemental training is offered with Camps and Clinics throughout the course of the year.  Camps and Clinic options are available to view throughout the year here.

Indy Premier Rec Plus Academy Program

The Rec Plus Academy Program at Indy Premier provides fun competitive leagues throughout the year.  Our Fall and Spring outdoor leagues provide staff and volunteer coach led practice sessions and league games. The summer and winter indoor Rec Plus leagues provide leagues games coached by volunteers and offer training staff led training sessions in a clinic format.  The Rec Plus Academy program consists of players with a broad range of skills and abilities.  This program is a great stepping stone for players who desire a higher level of training and competition than what most traditional rec soccer programs will offer.  Leagues will provide a good balance of competition and teams will be formed with players from dual grade based age groups.  


RPA Spring 2024 Information

The Spring 2024 league will take place April 8th - June 9th.

On-time registration is open January 1st - February 28th.   Late Registration will begin March 1st - late fee applied to registration (Late registrations may be subject to uniform ordering delays.)

Leagues and teams will be formed based on the following age chart guidelines listed below.  The Age Groups will be based on the upcoming 2023-2024 school year grade levels.  Leagues and teams will be split into boys and girls divisions and teams.   Pre-K and Kindergarten teams will have 1 Indy Premier staff led practice per week, which will be assisted with parent coaches.  1st-8th grade teams + 9th grade girls will have 2 practices per week, one led by parent coaches and the other led by Indy Premier staff.  High School boys and 10th-12th grade girls teams will have 1 team practice per week led by parent coaches and an option to attend and open field session guided by Indy Premier staff.

Pre-k-2nd grade teams will play all of their games against Rec Plus teams from Indy Premier.  3rd-12th grade teams will play Rec Plus teams from Indy Premier and additional Rec Plus teams from clubs from neighboring communities and will also participate in the Indy Premier Rec Plus fall tournament.  

Age Group    Age Chart   Format    # of weekly practices # of Games    League / Field Fees Uniforms Fees (if needed)
Pre-K / Kindergarten 8/1/2017 - 12/31/2019 4v4 1 8 $210 $75 + s/h
1st/2nd Grades 8/1/2015 - 7/31/2017 5v5 2 8 $295

$75 + s/h

3rd/4th Grades 8/1/2013 - 7/31/2015 7v7 2 8-9 $295

$75 + s/h

5th/6th Grades 8/1/2011 - 7/31/2013 9v9 2 8-9 $295

$75 + s/h

7th/8th Grades + 9th Girls 

8/1/2008 - 7/31/2011 11v11 2 8-9   $295

$75 + s/h

High School Boys and 10th-12th Grade Girls 8/1/2005 - 7/31/2008 11v11 1 + optional open field  8-9 $210

$75 + s/h


Field locations: Indy Premier outdoor fields

Uniform Information:  Rec Plus uniform kits are $75 for all (5) uniform pieces that including (1) Royal Blue Jersey, (1) Gray Jersey, (1) pair of Black Shorts, (1) pair of Royal Blue Socks and (1) pair of Black Socks.  The current uniform cycle began during the Fall 2022 season and will expire after the Spring 2026 season.  Uniforms are required for each outdoor league participant.  Once uniforms have been ordered, they do not need to be re-ordered unless a player needs a larger size or is in need of a replacement item.

Please contact craig.woodfill@indypremiersc.org if you are interested in being a volunteer coach or if you have any questions about the Rec Plus Academy program.