Elite Academy League

Indy Premier is excited for the inaugural season of the Elite Acaemy League (EAL) as a national platform with mutliple opportunities to showcase our top players for college coaches.  The Fall 2021 season will provide the first glimpse as to what it means to work with other like-minded organizations to help young men compete with development in mind and focus on improvement for the college or professional game.  

The EA Difference:    4x training sessions/week- player development requires consistent focus

                                   All EA games recorded- player access to all EA game footage and analysis          

                                   Athletic Trainers/Safety- every game staffed by medical professionals

For additional questions please reach out to Boys Director of Coaching, Joel Chalkley, or see our FAQ sheet in the important links section. 


National Conference Alignment 2021-22 

Northwest Nor Cal, Northwest Pacific, Southwest, Midwest, Mid-America, North East 


Mid- America Conference 2021-22

Illinois: Libertyville 1974, Galaxy SC, Chicago Fire Jr's          Indiana: Indy Premier, Ft Wayne United

Michigan: Michigan Fire Jr's                                                     Ohio: Club Ohio