Rec Plus Uniforms

Game Day Uniform Assignments beginning June 2022

HOME - BLUE jersey, BLACK shorts, BLUE socks  

AWAY - SILVER/GRAY jersey, BLACK shorts, BLACK socks

*When playing a team from NUSC or another club, default to wearing the blue uniform kit and bring silver/gray jersey as a back up.


2022 - 2026 Rec Plus Player Kit

A new four-year uniform cycle for the Rec Plus Academy program began in June 2022.  All orders are placed online and sent directly to your home.  Uniforms can be purchased year around if replacement or extra items are needed. 

You can order your uniform once you receive an email from ( An email will be sent once Indy Premier staff assigns each players uniform number.  This usually happens within a week of each regitrations.

Directions on ordering without an email.
Click on the link below or copy it into the browser.  
-Select find your jersey. 

-Search by the player's name 


-From the team drop-down menu find REC PLUS ACADEMY + your player's birth year and gender. Then search for your player (first name + first initial of last name)

  • New uniform #'s will be assigned by Indy Premier to avoid multiple repeating #s as much as possible.
  • Uniforms are worn for practices and games.  1 of each uniform item is required for purchase, additional items are up to each family.
  • Uniforms and spirit wear can be ordered all year round.
  • Thank you to Hoosier Pediatric Dental Group for being the Rec Plus Academy uniform sponsor and club partner.

If you have a question regarding uniform number or any uniform questions at all, please contact